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life is a game BASEBALL IS SERIOUS

2/3/06 02:28 pm - dementedotaku - SBC Park No More

SAN FRANCISCO -- The 2006 baseball season will usher in a new name for the Giants' ballpark by the bay, and per custom, its moniker certainly rings a familiar bell.
On March 1, SBC Park will be no more, the neon lights surrounding the bricked yard sporting the AT&T Park logo, brightly showcasing the sponsoring company's adopted brand, with AT&T long recognized as one of the corporate world's most historic and storied businesses.

Word had leaked out about the name change months ago, but the San Francisco Giants and AT&T made it official Friday, and while some fans may still lament the passing of Pacific Bell Park and its current name, they can expect a WiFi wonderland this season.

A's fans make fun of the Giants cause we change our park name so much. Like we had a choice. PacBell needs to calm down. First they change their name, then they get bought out by AT&T. Damn..we should of just paid for the place ourselves...

1/10/06 05:23 am - dementedotaku - Snow Will Not Retire Number with Giants

BOSTON -- While vacancies loom at shortstop and center field, the Red Sox can all but cross off first base as a spot of need.
Veteran first baseman J.T. Snow, one of the top defenders at his position, agreed to a one-year, $2 million contract with Boston.

The deal was announced late Friday night after Snow passed a physical.

Though Snow will get his share of starts, Kevin Youkilis is expected to be Boston's primary first baseman. Snow still figures to see plenty of action, between late-inning defensive situations and pinch-hitting appearances.

1/7/06 02:45 pm - dementedotaku - Right Field Puts On Some Levis'

SAN FRANCISCO -- SBC Park's unique right-field configuration -- the long, narrow arcade where fans have craned their necks watching Barry Bonds' historic blasts fly into McCovey Cove -- is about to get a facelift.
The Giants announced an agreement Friday on a five-year partnership with San Francisco-based Levi Strauss & Co. to sponsor the right-field section, which will be renamed Levi's Landing.

Banners and flags will feature the new look on the slanting 25-foot-high wall, only 309 feet from home plate at the foul pole.

Old Navy has been fired. But will it be worth it? Will the red motif work? Personally I say no, but I guess business is business as SBC Park outfield gets a facelift.

12/22/05 03:30 pm - dementedotaku - Brett Tomko signs with Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- With Jeff Weaver's return still uncertain, the Dodgers moved to shore up the starting rotation on Thursday by signing free agent right-hander Brett Tomko.
Tomko signed for two years with a third-year option and $8.7 million guaranteed -- $3.6 million in 2006, $4.1 million in 2007 and a mutual option for 2008 at $4.5 million or a $1 million buyout if Tomko opts out.

The 32-year-old right-hander went 8-15 with a 4.14 ERA in 2005 for the San Francisco Giants. He will be reunited with new Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, the Gaints' former assistant general manager.

Personally, I don't give a damn. Tomko is a bad pitcher, and the Dodger's aren't getting much. I'm sure Brett with get more bench time with the Dodgers then with the Giants.

12/21/05 07:48 pm - dementedotaku - Angels swap Finley for Giants' Alfonzo

Finley, who'll turn 41 on March 12, was traded Wednesday from the Angels for third baseman Edgardo Alfonzo. He adds experience and depth to San Francisco's outfield and gives them another strong left-handed bat.

"With his versatility, our goal is to make sure Bonds and Alou play 120 games each, and Steve can play every position," said Giants general manager Brian Sabean. "It's a good problem. With [center fielder] Randy Winn, it gives us four outfielders, and Moises can also play other positions. Our goal is to get [Finley] on the field as much as possible."

Personally, I don't know what Brian is thinking. First of all, we already have some wonderful Fresno talent that could be outfield back up. I know what Brian is thinking too. He's worried about Bonds and possibly having to replace him quickly. However, with a team that's struggling on the mound, the last thing you need is a 41 year old outfielder.

Also according to the article on sfgiants.com, there may be a possiblity of Moises Alou playing first base while Steve would take his place in right field. While that would give ALOT more power to the Giants offence, it still does not solve the pitching problem which has haunted the Giants for years.

Personally, I would of rather seen the Giants use those resources for another pitcher. Are the Giants really handing over the 5th starter spot to Fresno? One thing is for sure. Brad is NOT ready to be major league starter.

12/18/05 10:04 am - dementedotaku - Nomar Signs with Dodgers. Giants Fans Get Nervous.

LOS ANGELES -- Free agent infielder Nomar Garciaparra has agreed to terms to join the Dodgers, according to reports by ESPN and the New York Post.
A club official on Sunday would not confirm the report.

Garciaparra, 32, is expected to be the No. 5 hitter and first baseman in a dramatically rebuilt infield. New general manager Ned Colletti previously signed Garciaparra's former Boston Red Sox teammate, Bill Mueller, to play third base and former Atlanta Brave Rafael Furcal to bat leadoff and play shortstop, joining holdover All-Star second baseman and cleanup hitter Jeff Kent.

The Dodgers aggressively pursued Garciaparra for his bat, not his glove. The most critical current need, in the view of Colletti, is a fifth hitter to bat behind Kent, their only consistent run producer in 2005. Garciaparra, a five-time All-Star, is considered by Colletti to be the best available candidate.

With the recent acquisition of Garciaparra, and the recent contract signing of Bill Muller, Giants fans start to get nervous about their chances for next season.

The Dodgers are quickly building their team back up, and with big stars as well. Not only has these two acquisitions given the Dodgers a big boots, but rumors are floating around that veteran first basemen and ex-Giant J.T. Snow may be signing a one year deal with the Dodgers before he retires, which would devastate most Giants fans. It would of been the second Nor-Cal betrayal since Ned Colletti, the assistant GM for the Giants, left San Fran to work as the new GM for the LA Dodgers.

12/18/05 09:56 am - dementedotaku - Bonds Admits He May of Not Been Ready in 2005

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Giants slugger Barry Bonds, looking fit and a tad trimmer, said on Saturday night that he was optimistic his problematic right knee would respond positively to the daily pounding of playing baseball again this coming season.

"It feels great right now," Bonds told MLB.com. "I'm going on vacation and then I'm going to give it a good test in January, see how it reacts. The soreness is gone. It's not bothering me every day like it did this past season. Who knows? I could fall down and be back at square one again. That's why I don't like to look too far ahead. But if I go into Spring Training the way things are right now, it'll be pretty good."

Personally, I don't know why Bonds pushed himself so far last season. He wasn't ready for baseball. However, the only reason I think he came back is because he really thought he'd make a difference in the last month of the regular season. That and I think he had talked to my hype about coming back, that if he didn't the media would of got to him about it.

What do you think about Bonds next year? Do you think he'll live up to his promises for the World Baseball Classic?

12/18/05 09:51 am - dementedotaku - Giants Nab Morris

SAN FRANCISCO -- Free agent pitcher Matt Morris had a secret, and he wasn't about to let the Giants know -- he wanted to come to San Francisco.
The 31-year-old right-hander got his wish Monday, signing a three-year deal for $27 million with a club option for a fourth year, solidifying the rotation and boosting the Giants' optimism for a successful 2006.

Helping to persuade the nine-year veteran to join the Giants was catcher Mike Matheny, a longtime backstop for Morris in St. Louis, and the new No. 2 man in the San Francisco rotation already expects a quick transition to only his second Major League team.

12/18/05 09:50 am - dementedotaku - Up and Running!

Hey all!

I've finally started to get Orange Pride started! Since it is the off season, we will mainly be talking about trades. I'm sorry it took me so long to start running this place, but sometimes real life takes priority.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This community is for EVERYONE, so please feel free to post and article or blab on about anything Giants.


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