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Angels swap Finley for Giants' Alfonzo

Finley, who'll turn 41 on March 12, was traded Wednesday from the Angels for third baseman Edgardo Alfonzo. He adds experience and depth to San Francisco's outfield and gives them another strong left-handed bat.

"With his versatility, our goal is to make sure Bonds and Alou play 120 games each, and Steve can play every position," said Giants general manager Brian Sabean. "It's a good problem. With [center fielder] Randy Winn, it gives us four outfielders, and Moises can also play other positions. Our goal is to get [Finley] on the field as much as possible."

Personally, I don't know what Brian is thinking. First of all, we already have some wonderful Fresno talent that could be outfield back up. I know what Brian is thinking too. He's worried about Bonds and possibly having to replace him quickly. However, with a team that's struggling on the mound, the last thing you need is a 41 year old outfielder.

Also according to the article on, there may be a possiblity of Moises Alou playing first base while Steve would take his place in right field. While that would give ALOT more power to the Giants offence, it still does not solve the pitching problem which has haunted the Giants for years.

Personally, I would of rather seen the Giants use those resources for another pitcher. Are the Giants really handing over the 5th starter spot to Fresno? One thing is for sure. Brad is NOT ready to be major league starter.
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