Max (dementedotaku) wrote in orangepride,

SBC Park No More

SAN FRANCISCO -- The 2006 baseball season will usher in a new name for the Giants' ballpark by the bay, and per custom, its moniker certainly rings a familiar bell.
On March 1, SBC Park will be no more, the neon lights surrounding the bricked yard sporting the AT&T Park logo, brightly showcasing the sponsoring company's adopted brand, with AT&T long recognized as one of the corporate world's most historic and storied businesses.

Word had leaked out about the name change months ago, but the San Francisco Giants and AT&T made it official Friday, and while some fans may still lament the passing of Pacific Bell Park and its current name, they can expect a WiFi wonderland this season.

A's fans make fun of the Giants cause we change our park name so much. Like we had a choice. PacBell needs to calm down. First they change their name, then they get bought out by AT&T. Damn..we should of just paid for the place ourselves...
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